Cofcy Infocom Private Limited


Bus Station LED Display

Prominent electronic bus stop displays and bus shelter displays enable the public to see specific information about their journey in real time (RTPI) such as when their bus is due to arrive, the service number and any other general information which may have an impact on their journey. For example, in Shenzhen, a combination of multi-line summary bus shelter displays and pole mounted displays were developed to provide a city-wide customer information system.

Application :
Agape produces a complete and innovative range of stationary signs for passenger information present at exchange stations, bus/trolley stops, public transit zones with high passenger flow. These highly effective LED displays with optimal readability are suitable for all distribution networks of passenger information of public transport companies equipped with sophisticated AVM remote connection.
The comfort of public transport passenger information is highly valued and appreciated. Agape has applied beyond 8 years of experience when creating this range of products, using the most sophisticated mechanics tailored to the functional need and design of the product – maintainability, solidity, waterproofing, ventilation - and the latest generation electronics producing mono / bifacial stationary signs and variable message signs.

Advantages :
Agape has developed numerous LED Passenger Information Displays for Airports, Railway Stations, Bus- and Tram-Terminals. The product range includes main station signs as well as platform displays and on-board-screens. The combination of the latest LED technology and communication interfaces by a skilled and experienced international team provides smart and highly versatile displays with excellent readability. Our displays can easily be incorporated to public vehicle and station management systems. Agape LED Passenger Information Displays are highly flexible. They can display flight, platform, tram and bus numbers with destination and arrival/departure information and real time data. We can also combine a wide range of messages and graphics including voice announcements and vehicle detection.
Features :

  • Single of double sided with an angled front face
  • High energy efficiency and high brightness LED technology
  • Automatic brightness control ensures high legibility both day and night
  • Modular design according to customer needs
  • Weather and vandal resistant housing
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy  installation, one-man maintenance
  • Supporting different size fonts, graphics, scrolling and special effects
  • Supporting Text to Speed systems
  • Communication protocols adapted to customers’ requirements
  • Diagnostic functions and remote control
  • Free selection of the housing color according to RAL standards.