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Perimeter LED Display Screen

COFCY INFOCOM technicians pay much attention to world cup as well as the tendency of design and application for LED perimeter display. They focus all energy on P10mm SMD Perimeter display in this period. The post forming technology is used for module mask to defuse different kinds of impact; dedicated design for cabinets integrated of rental, perimeter and fix installation structures.

Frame & mask design :

  • The post forming technology is used for module mask. The hard plastic layer uses PC+100%GF material, while soft plastic layer with TPE.. This two-protection design can efficiently defuse the outside impact. The surface is processed with grinding and spraying of oil, which makes the mask with high capacity of absorbing light. These vertical vein design achieves high stereoscopic sensation, good blackness and better screen color uniformity.
  • The frame uses SABC PC materials from America and Holland. All mold insert of copper pillar are electroplated. It get high grade of anti-rust. The key features of the PC are high grade of fireproof to 94+V0, anti-UV, high thermo stability, good salt spray resistant, no deformation, no dehiscence, and high capacity of toughness. It is suitable for long term outdoor application.
  • Silicon rubber is chosen for waterproof protector. This material has high thermo stability. We design three-protector structure for waterproof. It can reach IP 67.
  • According to the football court application features, the mask is designed with high capacity of impact resistance. Buffering arc-surface ‘structure is applied for the mask shelter.. It can defuse the impact football, tennis ball and players.

Cabinet design :

  • New structure design. It can meet the needs of rental, perimeter and fix installation. This multi-functional cabinet makes the new items easily and conveniently applied in different occasion.
  • New color collocation, the color contrast between the black cabinet body and silver-gray door makes the screen much more elegant
  • Angle adjustable back bracket. User can adjust the best display viewing angle for audience by the bracket. When rental and fix installation, the bracket can be folded on the cabinet.
  • Rubber protector for top of cabinet. Use Japanese material for the protector and can defuse the outside impact. It efficiently protects the player from injury.
  • Aluminum alloy is used for the cabinet to reduce weight and achieve convenience.
  • New design of rental structure. This structure make the seam of cabinets connection much small. During hanging.


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